celebs shoplifting

11 Celebs That Were Arrested For Shoplifting (11 Images)

You know sometimes it is just so hard for us to get that why in the world do these celebrities do such stupid things! I mean they have the bank accounts and the lives of our dreams but still they do random shit! Farrah Fawcett Well, all of a sudden Farrah Fawcett needed to steal […]


9 Jobs That Push People To Commit Suicides (10 Images)

You might have noticed that most of the people around you are in some way or the other, frustrated. From their actions, it is clear that they are completely stressed out, and if you ask that person about the reason behind their disturbed mental state of mind, they will eventually talk about work. Hence, the […]

drunk celebs

Moments When Celebrities Were Caught Absolutely Drunk (10 Images)

To forget the stresses of daily life, a lot of people tend to drink, and so they go to clubs to make the experience even better. The person that steps in the bar is entirely different from the one that steps out of it because by then you lose all your senses and whatever you […]

wwe divas

Pictures That Prove WWE Divas Love Yoga Pants (12 Images)

Paige She is one of the most popular and famous WWE Divas and has a massive fan following of more men than a woman! And I think that you can very well understand that why is that! She is a British-born wrestler, and she knows how to rock these hot yoga pants with her sizzling […]

hulk hogan

10 Things Hulk Hogan Probably Regrets Today (10 Images)

There are some things that a person regret in their life but you know when you are Hulk Hogan the list just becomes never ending! Here are some of the things that the wrestler regrets like anything! Everyone can recall WrestleMania30 as it was one of the biggest events in wrestling! Hulk Hogan give an […]

bedroom confessions

Most Awkward Bedroom Confessions, Why Would She Admit This? (10 Images)

Setting the mood for $ex is fun and wonderful especially if you’ve been together after so long. Sometimes strange and insanely awkward things can happen during $ex that we all choose to ignore and it’s hot. I’ve rounded up 10 super awkward confessions that can happen during $ex so click through to see! 1. Maybe […]

insane transplants

Insane Plastic Surgeries You Have Never Seen Before (10 Images)

When you hear that someone got a plastic surgery done, the first thought that comes to your mind is that he/she must have gotten a whitening treatment done or they probably got something done to their nose or lips which are common nowadays. Every other day you see something obtain treatment for something they don’t […]