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9 Jobs That Push People To Commit Suicides (10 Images)

You might have noticed that most of the people around you are in some way or the other, frustrated. From their actions, it is clear that they are completely stressed out, and if you ask that person about the reason behind their disturbed mental state of mind, they will eventually talk about work. Hence, the […]

bedroom confessions

Most Awkward Bedroom Confessions, Why Would She Admit This? (10 Images)

Setting the mood for $ex is fun and wonderful especially if you’ve been together after so long. Sometimes strange and insanely awkward things can happen during $ex that we all choose to ignore and it’s hot. I’ve rounded up 10 super awkward confessions that can happen during $ex so click through to see! 1. Maybe […]

insane transplants

Insane Plastic Surgeries You Have Never Seen Before (10 Images)

When you hear that someone got a plastic surgery done, the first thought that comes to your mind is that he/she must have gotten a whitening treatment done or they probably got something done to their nose or lips which are common nowadays. Every other day you see something obtain treatment for something they don’t […]

Shocking Scientific Facts That Are Totally Misleading (10 Images)

With each passing day, science is progressing rapidly and things that made sense earlier no more have any logic. There is a lot of stuff that we were told years ago, and we have been believing in them blindly because after all, our ancestors told them to us, explaining how they were scientifically correct. But […]

human cloning

10 Surprising Facts About Cloning You Never Knew (10 Images)

You have seen people cloning others in the science fiction movies or must have read about it in various books that have no link with reality whatsoever. However, with the passing time technology has advanced so much that cloning is a part of reality now there are many people out there who know everything about […]

alien jadoo

10 Ways People Are Trying To Contact Aliens (10 Images)

The existence of aliens has been an exciting area of research for the scientists and over the years they have conducted countless experiments to find out whether any other creatures exist apart from the humans on the other planets. And the only way they could find it out was by trying to communicate with them, […]

nip type

Here’s What Your Nips Type Say About You! (10 Images)

Most of us are interested in knowing about our personalities because there are a lot of hidden things about us that we don’t even know, so it is palm reading, numerology and things like face reading that help us discover more about ourselves. Especially women are more into such stuff because they are very curious […]