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movie scene

12 Actors Who Admit To Being Aroused During Filming (13 Images)

It’s true that we find the $ex or intimate scenes to be quite arousing, well who doesn’t? The thing is that as much as we enjoy seeing them; you would have a very hard time believing that the people who are performing it (well, some of them) find it amazing too; contrary to what general […]

celebs shoplifting

11 Celebs That Were Arrested For Shoplifting (11 Images)

You know sometimes it is just so hard for us to get that why in the world do these celebrities do such stupid things! I mean they have the bank accounts and the lives of our dreams but still they do random shit! Farrah Fawcett Well, all of a sudden Farrah Fawcett needed to steal […]

drunk celebs

Moments When Celebrities Were Caught Absolutely Drunk (10 Images)

To forget the stresses of daily life, a lot of people tend to drink, and so they go to clubs to make the experience even better. The person that steps in the bar is entirely different from the one that steps out of it because by then you lose all your senses and whatever you […]

hote celeb daughters

Smoking Hot Celebrity Daughters You Didn’t Know Existed (10 Images)

The famous celebrities that the world drools over also have their families and not only they remain in the spotlight but also their families, especially their children. So kids who have either of their parents in the showbiz are in the habit of being in the limelight and facing the cameras on and off. So, […]

Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Instagram Photos (10 Images)

Celebrity pictures are always amazing, no matter how insane they act in those photographs because after all, they are the stars so whatever they do is going to be loved by the fans. But have you ever thought that how would an average person look while replicating those photographs? If not, then have a look […]

celeb tight jeans

Celebs Who Absolutely Love Wearing Tight Jeans (10 Images)

Celebrities are always after the fashion, and there would be hardly any of them who wouldn’t be following the trends. One of the latest trends these days are tight jeans that give these gorgeous females a chance to flaunt their $exy b*tts and attract other towards them. After all, they spend hours at the gym […]

britney spears child support payments

10 Most Expensive Celebrity Child Support Payments (11 Images)

Fame and wealth come at a hefty cost, and you have to pay that price now and then. Whether it’s a lavish lifestyle that is a necessity if you are a celebrity or your legal issues, you will have to spend a hefty amount of money. One of the very common legal issues is the […]